Learn to Dance Like A Pro

All the belly dancing moves explained in detail, in easy to follow, step by step videos.

Learn Egyptian & Other Belly Dancing from Home With Over 6 hours, 50 Video Lessons…

If you’re interested in belly dancing like me, you’ve got to check this out now

Belly Dance in Action

Super Excited?

I’m SUPER excited too. Because this is arguably the best belly dancing class available online. It is choke full of meaty content.

You will learn:

  • All Moves Of 6 Different Styles
  • Selection Of Music and Costumes
  • Rhythmic Hip and Rotations
  • Shimmy, Shiver and Twists

Best Course On Belly Dancing Ever

Best Belly Dancing Course Online that teaches every move and style. 

Mariella’s Belly Dancing Course is by far the most complete belly dancing class on the Internet and also teaches you:

  • Camel Rocks, Forward and Back Steps
  • Figure Eights and Pelvic Tilts
  • Udulations & Torso Rotation
  • Challenging Hipwork Combinations

In a nutshell it teaches everything about belly dancing you want to learn. Here’s an overview:
– Over 50 videos lessons, 8 hours of classes
– Covers all moves from beginner to advanced
– One-on-One private coaching by Skype
– Easy, fun and step-by-step instructions

– Covers Egyptian, Turkish, American Tribal, Gothic belly dance

 Pretty Impressive for an online class…

If you’re getting started with belly dancing or you’re looking to improve your technique, you’re gonna LOVE this course.