Get Screened for Stroke & Heart Disease Risks.

Life Line Screening Gives You Peace of Mind.

The Life Line Screening facilities began in 1993 from Florida to Midwest. From that point forward the organization has screened almost 8 million individuals for constant maladies and is devoted to serve the USA residents with preventive health tests.

Now, it is utilized by more than 1 million individuals every year. Moreover, life line screening has committed to giving the most excellent preventive screenings at a reasonable fee.

Its sixty mobile teams work to assess patient risk and scan for a number of conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular disease risks, atrial fibrillation, Type 2 diabetes and prostate cancer.

1. Easy to contact & Affordable.

2. Screening Provides Early Detection.

3. Available At A Location Near You.

Get Screened By Professionals to Detect & Prevent A Developing Health Issue.

Now is the right time to take action and seek the help of experts to save yourself from costly surgery in later life.

Screening is the first step to keep yourself safe and healthy from nagging problems like stroke, diabetes type 2, heart attack and plaque build ups etc. Contact with their expert team Confidently.